Mobile is where it’s at.

In 2009, mobile commerce was a gleam in your eye: for techies only. In 2010, early adopters tried it and liked it – over 40% of smartphone users bought over $100 worth of products from mobile sites and apps. In 2011, it was the hottest thing in retail, reinventing the shopping experience. Now in 2013, mCommerce will rival eCommerce, and it will pass a trillion dollars worldwide.

Your revenue and your future will be driven by how well you engage customers while they’re mobile.

Your customers are out shopping — you’re going to lose them to another store if they have to fumble with finger-typing on the awkward mobile keyboard to check your price and products. Voice enables every user that downloaded your app to check it whenever they think of it, and you gain the opportunity to make a sale every single time.

Speech is the new touch.

The touch interface on the iPhone was an enormous breakthrough, delivering much higher usage than any other smartphone, and becoming the new standard. In a year, it’s everywhere. Kids touch PC screens now, expecting them to behave “the normal way”: that’s how fast mobile is driving the way we do everything. Speech is the next breakthrough — the easiest, most natural, and most powerful way to use any app. Touch is just “the mouse of the mobile device”, but speech let’s you do anything: search, make notes, send messages, buy products, fill in forms, and navigate too.

So why aren’t you using it now? It’s all about accuracy. Unless the voice-enabled experience accurately translates and performs what you say, you won’t use it. This has been a scientific challenge for 40 years, because each speaker is different, and each application has it’s own unique vocabulary: products, places, commands, names, and more.

Your individual voice matters.

MeMeMe delivers unique accuracy – and the best experience for your users — based on proprietary speech technology and a major speech recognition patent. Our technology uniquely adapts to each individual speaker’s voice, and to each application, tailoring the recognition for maximum personalized accuracy – every time.

Our advanced platform is high performance, high reliability, low cost, and as easy to integrate as plugging in. And MeMeMe delivers the unique accuracy that lets any app provide all the convenience of operation by natural speech to any user anytime — and the higher revenue that goes with increased usage and satisfaction.

Your app can have the best available voice interactivity in a day, at very low cost.

MeMeMe is the leading firm focused on delivering the value of voice interactivity for mobile commerce and mobile enterprise. We know how to enhance your customer’s experience, making it easy for them to get at all the power that your app provides, anytime and any place they want. We can guide you on best practices, and give you the best options — custom fit for your app and your customers.

If you want to know how your customers can use your app more often,
more effectively, and with greater ease and satisfaction, talk to us.