MeMeMe voice-enables any mobile application or phone service, and accurately transcribes any dictated or stored audio, by providing speaker-adaptive speech recognition as an on-demand internet service.

The MeMeMe platform learns and adapts to any user’s unique sound and speech profile, and uses trade-secret speech-processing algorithms to optimize recognition for each specific application, both of which significantly improve accuracy and speed for any user, on any device, anytime.

ArchitectureWe hold a broad patent on any implementation of speaker-adaptive speech recognition shared over a network, which is the core technology supporting accurate mobile voice interfaces and transcription services.

MeMeMe has built a complete, high-performance cloud-based speech recognition service, hosting the speech recognition system and speaker profiles centrally, with plug-in integration to any mobile, telephony, or transcription application. The architecture of this platform is represented in the diagram to the left.

MeMeMe is accessible from any desktop, mobile, or car platform with a web or mobile data connection, using http or https. We support real-time speech recognition and text-to-speech, using any standard audio format.

We’ve also integrated a proprietary speech enhancement solution into the Mememe platform. Powered by our partner, OmniSpeech, and based on groundbreaking speech extraction technology, OmniClear™ provides best-in-class background noise reduction. It also provides superior voice quality and intelligibility, optimizing users’ voice interaction with Mememe-enabled applications, even in noisy environments.

The platform is implemented in a high performance, highly scalable utility computing environment, supporting millions or users and very high volumes of concurrent usage. Our servers are optimized for speech processing, and are highly fault-tolerant and secure. Integration is extremely simple, and supports a wide variety of usage requirements.

We work directly with application providers, and also with developer partners that use MeMeMe to voice-enable their applications. There is no upfront cost to voice-enable an application, and ongoing costs are very low. Contact us to learn more.