MeMeMe delivers the power of voice to any application.

Like BASF’s old commercial — we don’t make the apps, we make ANY app better — by letting their users talk instead of type. And we make it a great experience for the user, because our patented technology tunes the speech recognition to the specific voice of the individual speaker, and the exact content of the app they are using. Thus our name: MeMeMe. It’s all about personalization for each user and each app.

The mobile market is exploding.

Over 10 billion apps downloaded so far, and tens of billions in mobile revenue, growing over 50% per year. eBay alone had over $2 billion is mobile revenue in 2010, $4 billion in 2011, $10 billion in 2012, and more to come. But despite the amazing growth, mobile apps have a major handicap that we all experience. It’s cumbersome to type on a mobile phone, and that prevents people from really using all their apps whenever they want. Touch control on the iPhone was a great breakthrough that drove iPhone usage way above other phones — it was the mouse of the mobile phone — but it’s just navigation.

Voice enables true interaction.

As Microsoft’s top speech executive said recently, speech is the new touch. It’s an obvious fit for how people do things — easy, natural, and powerful. In 5 years, we’ll all laugh that we ever used anything but voice.

In this 3-minute clip from The Upstart Show, CEO Peter Marshall provides an overview of the importance of voice for mobile applications, and the power of MeMeMe’s advanced voice service. MeMeMe enables any application to deliver the ease and convenience of voice operation to it’s users, anytime, anywhere, as easily as turning on a light switch — with the unique accuracy of speech recognition that optimizes to each individual user, and for each application they use.

MeMeMe is a high performance cloud based service that can reliably handle millions of users, delivering a fast, accurate voice interface for any app, available anywhere you can use a mobile app.

Applications on any device, from iPhones and Androids to smart refrigerators, can easily integrate with MeMeMe thru our open-standard API. Everything is hosted centrally, on servers optimized for speech, so we deliver consistent, superior speech recognition every time.

Speech as a mobile interface is going to be very mainstream — the barrier has always been the accuracy. That’s what MeMeMe adds. Talk to us.